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Ryan McDougall

The Mediator

Ryan has spent 20 years working in law firms on family law files involving separation and divorce.  It was costly and broke families down further than before they walked through the doors.  She knew there was a better way.  In 2012 Ryan completed her Conflict Dispute Resolution Certification with Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta and has had a successful practice mediating separating families ever since.

Mediation is a cost effective and efficient method of reaching resolution in family law matters.  Your mediator will guide you through a conversation that is forward focused and controlled.  Mediation allows the parties to create their own decisions as to what their lives will look like moving forward rather than tasking lawyers or Judges and Justices to make the decisions for them.

Sometimes mediation can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but participants commit to the mediation process and find themselves with an agreement that works for everyone involved, for less money and far sooner than going to court.  Bluntly, it is the healthiest option for families and the children involved.

Mediation can begin at any point in time, whether court documents have been filed or not or whether Court is already scheduled.  


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Ryan McDougall

The Legal Coach

The vast majority of Ryan's career has been spent dealing with clients who have, at one point in time or another, had to represent themselves in Court.  

A Legal Coach is there to meet with you regularly,  discuss your matter and your goals and keep you focused and forward moving.  

With Ryan's legal background, she is able to provide the legal information and translations relating to filing deadlines, court processes and documents needed to accomplish what you set as your goal.

As your Legal Coach, Ryan will not be advising you what to do legally, but rather helping you determine what your ultimate goals are then support you in achieving them.

Ryan is a member of the Legal Coaching Association.  


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Ryan McDougall

The Paralegal

Ryan graduated from the Legal Assistant Diploma Program at Red Deer College in 2001 and has worked as a family law paralegal since that date.  Paralegals are responsible for the drafting and processing of court documents, complying with Rules of Court and ensuring filing deadlines are met.  Ryan completed her Bachelor of Professional Arts Degree majoring in Governance, Law & Management in 2015.  Ryan sits on the Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals Board of Directors.

If you are dealing with an issue in Family Law; divorce, common-law separation, parenting orders, child or spousal/partner support, variation applications, contact applications, guardianship concerns, division of property, chances are Ryan has dealt with it.  

As a self-represented litigant working with a paralegal, Ryan is there to inform you about court process, the documents needed to accomplish what you're trying to do, and assist with the preparation of those court documents to comply with the Rules of Court.  Ryan is not a lawyer and will not advise you as to what to ask for in Court, what she believes to be in your best interest, or the likelihood of success.  If you are needing or wanting legal advice and opinions, Ryan has a professional circle of lawyers who she trusts and respects and will provide you referrals for legal advice.


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