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Divorce and separation can be terrifying, and costly.  We provide you with information and support to help alleviate fears and empower families to determine what their lives will look like moving forward.

Mediation-Mediation is a cost effective and efficient method of reaching resolution in family law matters.  Your mediator will guide you through a conversation that is forward focused and controlled.  Mediation allows the parties to create their own decisions as to what their lives will look like moving forward rather than tasking lawyers or Judges and Justices to make the decisions for them.

Sometimes mediation can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but participants commit to the mediation process and find themselves with an agreement that works for everyone involved, for less money and far sooner than going to court.  Bluntly, it is the healthiest option for families and the children involved.

Mediation can begin at any point in time, whether court documents have been filed or not or whether Court is already scheduled.  

Paralegal and documentation preparation-  If you are dealing with an issue in Family Law; divorce, common-law separation, parenting orders, child or spousal/partner support, variation applications, contact applications, guardianship concerns, division of property, chances are we have dealt with it.  Sometimes parties may need to know what documents to file, how to file them, how to ensure the documents comply with the Rules of Court.  We can provide information as well as documentation preparation to help you prepare for Court.

Divorce Package Preparation-We prepare entire divorce packages for parties who are in agreement on all matters involved. One flat fee.

Legal Coaching-Self-represented litigants can meet with our Legal Coach to discuss your matter, set and stay focused on goals and help to separate the emotional side of separation and divorce from the legal process.  

Family Law Services Fees

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Last Will and Testament gives you the opportunity to decide who you wish to benefit from your estate, who you wish to be your estate representative, and who you would wish be the guardian of your minor children.  Consider the following:

  • Having a Will shows consideration to your family that you have left behind, that they know they are following your wishes.
  • Having a Will makes the paperwork associated with your passing much less work for others.
  • Having a Will may allow for your beneficiaries to access funds from your estate in a timelier manner.

  • Having a Will can assist in avoiding conflict and fighting amongst family members.

  • Naming a guardian for your minor children gives you the peace of mind that they will be cared for by someone of your choosing. If you were to pass without a Will, your estate will be divided in accordance with the laws of Alberta and may not be distributed to those persons you would choose.

Personal Directive is also known as a "living will". Having this document allows you to name a representative to make personal decisions on your behalf if you are still alive but you have lost your capacity to make decisions for yourself. Your appointed Agent can make decisions with your medical service providers regarding your care and can arrange for you to live in a care facility.

A Power of Attorney document is used to name a representative to make financial decisions on your behalf if you have lost your capacity to do so. The Attorney you have named can access your bank accounts to pay your bills and can sign legal documents in your stead when required.  

In the event that you were to lose your ability to make decisions or communicate decisions and have not had a Personal Directive or Power of Attorney prepared, someone close to you may need to apply to the Court to be appointed as your Guardian and/or Trustee.  That process can be avoided with the simple preparation of these documents.  

Guardianship and Trusteeship Applications are needed when a loved one has experienced a loss of capacity, or ability to make decisions on their own behalf, or when an adult who is unable to make decisions for themselves requires assistance with respect to their finances and/or their care.    

Estate Administration can be very overwhelming.  There is a lot of paperwork to be done and the process can be confusing at a time of grieving and loss.  From the first meeting, I will do my best to take the worry off your shoulders, explain the process and support you through the administration of your loved one's estate.  I will make the process simple and straightforward.  If you are wanting support in preparing application documents on your own and are looking for a little bit of knowledgeable guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation.

Wills & Estates Fees

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WCB CLAIMS -If you are injured on the job the Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) may cover your medical expenses and lost wages in the event youa re off work due to the injury. If your WCB Claim has been unfairly denied, we can act as your Worker Representative to appeal the unfair decision.

DISABILITY CLAIMS-If you have been injured outside of work and are unable to perform the duties of your job, you may be entitled to receive short-term disability benefits.  If your claim for disability benefits has been denied, we can assist you with the internal appeals process with your disability insurer.  If your matter must proceed to litigation, we can assist you with documentation preparation, information and referrals to legal counsel.

CPP-DISABILITY and AISH APPLICATIONS-If you are permanently disabled and require assistance with completing the application forms for Canadian Pension Plan Disability benefits and/or Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped, we can help!


Paralegal Fees

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PARDON/RECORDS SUSPENSION -Formerly referred to as a "pardon", record suspensions are issued by the Government of Canada and allows for an individual's past conviction to be removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. This means that when a criminal record check is done on you, neither the conviction or your "pardon" will be shown on your criminal record. After obtaining a Canada Record Suspension, your past conviction can only be seen after permission is given by either you or the Public Safety Minister of Canada.

If you are planning on travelling to the United States for either buiness or pleasure, your Canadian Criminal Record (CCR) can deem you inadmissable to the USA and you can be denied entry. If you have already been denied entry into the USA due to your CCR, you MUST obtain an USA Entry Waiver before attempting to enter the USA, otherwise, you rist being detained by the USA authorities.

An Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility is an appication for legal entry to the USA made by an individual who is inadmissable on one or more grounds. The application is filed with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in advance of the date of intended travel to the United States and is then reviewed by Homeland Security to ensure that you are not a threat to the US. Homeland Security will determine the length of time that your Waiver will be valid (1-5 years).

The strength of your application can greatly influence the length of time that your US Entry Waiver will be issued for. Once your Waiver has been approved, you may enter the US without the threat of being denied due to your Canadain Criminal Record.


Record Suspension & Waiver Fees

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our fees/your investment

We believe in transparency.   And we also know you want to know what to expect in terms of cost.  Below is our schedule of fees for the different services we offer.



The mediation process includes one-on-one initial interviews, mediation sessions, disclosure gathering and exchanging (when applicable), and report drafting.  Often, the mediation process takes 3-4 two hour sessions (depending of course on the parties and the number of issues to be resolved).  Expected total fee payable could range from $1,320 to $3,000, which is often shared between the parties.   This fee is split in smaller payable portions as the process proceeds.

Legal Coaching


Legal Coaching sessions are booked on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on what you need.  They are one hour sessions and can be paid each week or on a monthly basis.  

Paralegal Services


Paralegal Services include consultations as to process, drafting documentation pursuant to client instructions.  Types of matters we deal with are: FAMILY LAW-child support, parenting orders, spousal/partner support orders, guardianship, contact, variation of orders, protection orders, divorce documentation and correcting of rejected (do-it-yourself) divorce packages. WILLS & ESTATES-review of Estate Applications, corrections of documents prepared by the client, or assistance in completing a Guardianship/Trusteeship application yourself.  SMALL CLAIMS & LITIGATION-Review and/or preparation of  Small Claims documentation, information on process and procedures, review of litigation documents, formatting of documents for compliance with Rules of Court. You will be charged for the time you use.

Fee include an initial consultation either in person, via video conference or telephone; the preparation of the estate application, service of the application on the beneficiaries and any other documents required to obtain a grant from the Court. The Court filing fee is an additional charge and varies depending on the value of the estate.

This fee includes an initial consultation, drafting of the application forms, and further meetings to finalize and sign your documentation.


Uncontested Divorces-flat fee


If you and your former partner have agreed to all matters and simply need the divorce documentation completed properly, we will complete your divorce package from start to finish.  This fee includes initial consult and information gathering, document review of any agreements in place, drafting of documents, and signing and copying all documents.

Wills, Personal Directives, Power of Attorney

Individual Will                                

Individual Power of Attorney

Individual Personal Directive

All three forms (Individual)


Couples Wills                                

Couples Powers of Attorney

Couples Personal Directives

All three forms (Couples)


** PLEASE NOTE: The above noted fee information are estimates only and not to be considered as quotes for your matter.  We do our very best to minimize your costs and keep you up to date on all time spent on your matter.

GST is applicable to the above fees.











Estate Applications


Guardianship/Trusteeship Applications, Renewals, Reviews


Commissioning Documents


Record Suspension (pardon) Applications


USA Waiver Applications


Record Suspension & USA Waiver Applications (bundled)


Renewal of USA Waiver Applications