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We charge you for the time and services you use, as you use them.  There is no up-front retainer fee paid to be held by our office.  

An agreement is entered into with your service provider for the legal services you are requesting along with the payment method that you are most comfortable with.  

Fees are paid prior to the meeting or, in relation to document preparation, prior to receipt of the completed documents.

We do our best to keep your fees low; that's one of the main reasons we provide the services we do. There are better places to spend your money!

our fees/your investment

We believe in transparency.   And we also know you want to know what to expect in terms of cost.  Below is our schedule of fees for the different services we offer.



The mediation process includes one-on-one initial interviews, mediation sessions, disclosure gathering and exchanging (when applicable), and report drafting.  Often, the mediation process takes 3-4 two hour sessions (depending of course on the parties and the number of issues to be resolved).  Expected total fee payable could range from $1,320 to $3,000, which is often shared between the parties.   This fee is split in smaller payable portions as the process proceeds.

Legal Coaching


Legal Coaching sessions are booked on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on what you need.  They are one hour sessions and can be paid each week or on a monthly basis.  

Paralegal Services


Paralegal Services include consultations as to process, drafting documentation pursuant to client instructions.  Types of matters we deal with are: child support, parenting orders, spousal/partner support orders, guardianship, contact, variation of orders, protection orders, divorce documentation and correcting of rejected (do-it-yourself) divorce packages.  You will be charged for the time you use.

Uncontested Divorces-flat fee


If you and your former partner have agreed to all matters and simply need the divorce documentation completed properly, we will complete your divorce package from start to finish.  This fee includes initial consult and information gathering, document review of any agreements in place, drafting of documents, and signing and copying all documents.

** PLEASE NOTE: The above noted fee information are estimates only and not to be considered as quotes for your matter.  We do our very best to minimize your costs and keep you up to date on all time spent on your matter.

GST is applicable to the above fees.


We stand behind it

Non-Lawyer legal services is somewhat of a new concept.  While our experience, knowledge and skills are not new, offering our services to the public is up and coming.  Our communities and families need these services.

We can not offer you a guarantee of outcome or success, but we can tell you that if we make a mistake on documents or the Courthouse expects a document to be edited, we will make sure that happens for you.  If it is our error, we fix it, at no charge to you.  

We want our reputation to do our marketing for us. Your word of mouth means a lot and we want you to be pleased with your services.